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Know Your Clubs: The Different Types of Golf Clubs

Being a golfer means that you need to have a set of golf clubs that would suit your needs in any situation during a round.

A set has various types of clubs that perform differently depending on the circumstance. Among those that golfers can encounter would include tall obstacles, long distances from the hole, as well as short gapgolf-ballss.

It is necessary for a golfer to know the role of each type of club in order to find a combination that would suit his needs and rockbottomgolf.com is definitely helpful to find variety of golf clubs.


There are several categories of golf clubs: woods, irons, and putters.

For distances of 200 to 350 yards, it is advisable to use woods in order for the ball to go great lengths.

The head of the club used to be made from persimmon wood, but in recent years, metals such as steel and titanium started being used as materials for the head. A larger club head, rounder face, and longer shaft can be found on woods to make the most of the strike, Woods have designated numbers to indicate the loft and distance it can deliver.

These numbers refer to how far and how high a club would be able to propel the ball. For example, a 1-wood (also called the driver) delivers the farthest throw but with a lower trajectory.

The higher the number of the wood, the shorter and higher the distance and height the ball will travel.

Typically, a set has a 1, 3, and 5 woods. Most manufacturers refrain from producing 2 and 4 woods.

6000158-pinemeadow-pre-16-piece-complete-golf-setThis is because woods with consecutive numbers have very little differences so it would be impractical to have 1 and 2 and so forth.

Irons are clubs that are made of solid metal such as iron or steel. They can easily be distinguished from woods as their smaller heads that are flat, angled, and grooved. Irons also have shorter shafts.

This type of club is used to launch the ball up to a distance of 200 yards for a more accurate hit. The same numbering system is used for irons. Lower numbers indicate greater distance and lower loft.

Golfers often include irons that have number 3 up to 9 because 1 and 2 are difficult to manage.

Golfers use a type of iron called wedges to make the ball fly higher. Mostly, it is to save the ball from dangerous and problematic situations such as shallow water, tall grass, even bunkers.

Unlike irons and woods, the capability of wedges are indicated by letters such as PW for pitching wedges, DW for gap wedges, SW for sand wedges, LW for lob wedges, and FW for flop wedges. A set of clubs has more irons than wood.

This is because more situations that call for short-length strokes arise during a round.

The last type of golf clubs is the putters. Used on the green, its purpose is to make the ball go on a very short distance towards the hole.

There different sized and head for putters but the most common are the flat bladed and flat-surfaced with mallet head.

There is a new generation of golf clubs called hybrids. These are clubs that make use of some characteristics of iron and wood.

495491904_xsIt mixes the head design of wood clubs with the short shaft length of the irons. Because clubs with longer shafts are harder to master, the ease of having a short shaft enables the golfer to hit the ball more accurately.

Many golfers replace their 3 or 4 iron clubs with hybrids, as well as 5 and 7 woods with 2 and 3 hybrids.

With these different types of golf clubs with a variety of functions, a golfer will be able to make a set according to his preferences and strategy.